We are located in the heart of Galicia, in the district (comarca) of A Ulloa (province of Lugo), which is a compulsory passage for pilgrims going to Santiago de Compostela either by the Primitive or the French way.

This beautiful territory is constituted by the municipalities of Antas de Ulla, Monterroso and Palas de Re; sources of inspiration for important literary works.

The most remarkable thing in A Ulloa is maybe its untouched landscapes and its colours; green woods full of centenarian oaks, chestnut trees and birches identify our territory.

The Ulla River, giving its name to the comarca, has its source in a considerable number of small streams coming from the mountains around this territory: the mountains of Ligonde, O Careón, o Farelo and the mountains of Vacaloura.

The banks of the rivers Ulla and Pambre are spaces of great beauty, they invite to relax and observe but also to do different outdoor activities like trekking or canoeing.

We must mention the falls of Mácara due to their savage and impetuous attractiveness.

The comarca of A Ulloa has an ethno-anthropological and historical heritage of great value: petro glyphs, mámoas, forts, old towns are testimony of ancient cultures that inhabited the area throughout history.

The Romanesque art is present in every single monument due to the passage of the Santiago’s way through this region since the Middle Ages: San Cristovo de Novelúa, Santiago de Amoexa, Santa María de Marzá, Santa Mariña de Amarante, San Xiao do Camiño and the Church of Vilar das Donas with its frescoes, are living examples of Romanesque architecture in the area, which was part of a monastery founded in the 12th century.

The architectural richness of our environment is not only present in the medieval art but also in its manors, in the innumerable examples of traditional architecture and in the military architecture of the Castle of Pambre that watches over the surrounding landscape.

The foods from our orchard are the source materials of a gastronomy based on good cheese and famous bread. Our cooking is pure, delicious, almost as endearing as the fire of a lareira in the endless winter nights.
In A Ulloa, trouts, cheese, bread and octopus are delicacies for the most exquisite tastes.


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